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Why Choose us

No Lender Fees - We never charge junk fees and work with our lenders to minimize closing costs. More savings for you.Our clients save $1500 min on average, which means more savings for you.


24/7 Mortgage Advice - 24/7 mortgage advice-including weekends and evenings. Your Bank or Credit Union can’t do that! Give us a call or email us!

Low Rates - We provide highly-competitive and ultra-low rates. No seriously we can do both!


In Home Consultations - Our experts will come to your home, understand your financial goals and provide mortgage options that fit your needs! We are a little old school when it comes to service.

Commitment That Goes Past The Closing

When you trust our firm with your biggest financial decision, we know that it’s not just credit and numbers…it’s your family and home. That’s why our family is committed to your family; we will strategize to find you the right loan and be your partner from start to finish. If something is ever wrong, we will always do the right thing to make it right. Doing More for you!


Mission Statement

Mortgage Plus is committed to Doing More for you; through extraordinary customer service, mortgage transparency, honesty, no lender fees and low rates, we strive to be your lifetime mortgage partner. Simply put, we are dedicated to our clients and will always find the best mortgage solution that fits their needs.

CEO & Mortgage Consultant

What To Expect

A Stress Free Mortgage Experience

1. Get Prepared

1. Get Prepared

It's important to have your finances in order, even before you begin shopping for a home. We'll tell you exactly how to get in shape.

2. Pre-Qualify

2. Pre-Qualify

This vital next step will help you secure your dream home. Luckily, we've made the process so easy.

3. Find a Home

3. Find a Home

Imagining yourself in a new home is the fun part. First, determine how much you can afford. We'll help!

4. Apply & Submit Documents

4. Apply & Submit Documents

Paperwork and home loans go hand in hand. But, don't worry. We'll tell you exactly what you need. Plus, we'll make sure you have a dedicated loan specialist who'll help.

5. Close!

5. Close!

This is the moment you've been waiting for. We'll help you understand how it all works so there are no surprises.